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WHAT IS PILOT SEASON? Major networks like NBC/Universal produce dozens of TV pilots each year, all of which need to be tested before airing. To find out what the viewing public thinks about these new TV shows, the networks must conduct market research. They do so during a 2-3 week period during April each year called Pilot Season. To assure success, it’s important that networks hear the opinions of folks from all over the country. NBC/COMCAST chooses two top tourist locations in the U.S., Las Vegas and Orlando to provide the perfect cross section in order to gather opinions from all types of demographics. In 2015, six testing studios were created with a total of 24 high traffic recruiting locations.

CAMPAIGN GOALS. Our objective for the 2015 Pilot Season was to recruit 15,000 tourists to watch the new TV pilots during two weeks. To meet this goal, we hired a total of 260 Recruiters and Team Managers, running schedules 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.  Recruiters were trained to qualify tourist in order to ensure they fit the required demographics needed for any given study. Once a participant qualifies, recruiters have to convince the tourists to spend an hour or so in the testing studio, rating the new TV pilot. This takes training, sales ability and an outgoing personality.

PILOT SEASON RECRUITERS. Everyone of the one hundred and sixty (160) recruiters hired work with a team of at least three other recruiters in a high-traffic location inside one of the major Las Vegas Strip Resorts. .

Key features to the success of this campaign are as follows:

–           Obtaining a strong core staff of hiring managers designed to bring in the right event staff

–           Utilizing current database of models and brand ambassadors

–           Staff training and motivation.

–           Team Managers – 16 result-driven managers were utilized to push their teams of 6 during each competition.

–           Goals & Competitions- Running hourly and daily competitions were imperative, broken up by teams and individual goals.

–           Team Unity- Team Competitions and overall goal completion are tied into social events and daily rankings.

–           Real time tracking to monitor event progress, rewards and needed motivations and/or staff replacement.

–           Event staff that executes in obtaining optimal sign ups were rewarded with placement in future event bookings.

–           In addition to daily prizes to staff/teams that showcase stellar performance, agency throws a large party with raffle at the end of each Pilot Season.

After Pilot Season, staffing and management is continued under a smaller scale to focus on a variety or market research including up-fronts, print ads, trailers, promos as well as testing for Bravo, Sci-Fi, USA and other Comcast affiliated projects.


  • CLIENT: Comcast/NBC (RAB, Inc.)
  • TASK: Large Event Staffing, Sales, Product Presentation, Guerilla Marketing
  • DATE: Ongoing
  • PROGRAM: Market Research Facilities in Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL (Inside Universal Studios)

Comcast/NBC (RAB, Inc.)


Large Event Staffing, Sales, Product Presentation, Guerilla Marketingn

  • Market Research Facilities in Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL (Inside Universal Studios)
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